Radio Controlled Rocket Glider Kits

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The aerotech 24mm E-6 motor is the recommended motor for all Dynasoar Rocketry kits.  They do require the aerotech 24mm RC casing which has a solid forward end, they cannot be used with the standard 24/40 RMS casing.  The reloads come in a pack of three with initiators.  Motors must ship usps ground. Shipping for reloads/casings are based purely on weight and will be added at paypal checkout.   Watch the video link below to see how easy it is to reload these motors.

Hi All, I've gotten a few people ask for older kits that I no longer make, at NXRS Bay area rocketry had a few in stock including:
Original profile X-15 RC rocket glider

Ikarus http://www.dynasoarrocketry.com/ikarus-kit-instructions.html
HL-10 Lifting body
Pegasus http://www.dynasoarrocketry.com/pegasus--instructions.html

You'd have to call him to find out price and availability.
Bay Area Rocketry

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The  StratoDart Rocket glider kit.  The kit features a mid mounted sst/Concorde style delta wing and tail and a plastic nose cone with molded panel lines.   Simple construction takes about 1.5 hours including radio installation.  Model shown was finished with stickershock Pan Am markings but they can work with you to do any custom airline or design you wish.

The Hypersonic III modeled after the X-15-3 Delta configuration proposed to get the X-15-2 beyond Mach 7.  This proposed version had a clipped delta wing and angled wingtips.  It comes with a plastic nose cone with molded panel lines and canopy.  Can be finished in white or black color scheme.

Motor Casings out of stock, more  expected 8/2017

​​​​Dynasoar Rocketry specializes in limited runs of unique Radio Controlled Rocket Gliders for 24mm rocket motors.   These kits are cut personally by me using 6mm depron foam, white estes tubing, and include high quality carbon fiber rods, plastic nose cones, 3m blenderm and velcro tape, dubro/great planes hardware and railbuttons.com buttons.  Many steps are pre-done, spars slotted/and/or installed, elevons hinged, horns installed, tubing cut and marked, rocket mount completed, pieces taped for easy alignment after removal from the box. All components are white so no painting is required.  Complete build instructions and photos are available online to help with assembly and setup. Use the Instruction pulldowns above to find all current and OOP kit instructions. Wing loading is quite light (5-6oz/sq foot) and glide is very docile. You boost vertically on any standard pad with rail or rod, nothing is ejected from the model and they are ready to fly again immediately.   Their design gives them a low wing loading, slow glide, and easy construction while still maintaining the look of a real aircraft. They boost to around 500' and have flight times of around a minute.  Once trimmed, they are a lot of fun to fly in the wind.  Even though these kits are not hard to fly, they are only recommended for people with RC flight experience. Priority mail shipping is included in the kit price and each kit ships in it's own box.   Please allow 2-3 days for me to create your kit. We are one of the only dealers who stock a large inventory of the 24mm Aerotech E-6RC rocket motor reloads.   Shipping only in the continental US at this time.  Scroll down and use the add to cart buttons to place an order for kits or motors.​  All markings shown in the photos for current or older kits can be ordered here: Stickershock23.com  

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